Dealing with Life Transitions

Coping with Life Transitions

Different life transitions - new parenthood, empty nest; job change/loss; separation/divorce/death of partner or other important person in our lives; illness; menopause and retirement among others – are both potentials for losses as well as opportunities for new directions.

As we are forced out of our comfort zone, we may experience anxiety and loneliness and excessive worry. These anxieties may interfere with our growth, zap our creativity, compromise our zest for life making us feel isolated and lonely and questioning our value, purpose and directions in life.

However, if we accept and embrace these changes, we can become better able to put things in perspective, develop comprehensive views of situations, cultivate more insights and understanding, feel more empathy and concern for others, become more flexible and accepting, and improve our abilities to balance the intellectual and the emotional parts of our brain.

We can help you shift from fear to openness to the new and acceptance of the changes. We offer both individual and group psychotherapy and counseling services tailored to address issues specific to life transitions. The focus of our clinical work comes from the conviction that the goal of transitioning from one position to another is to accept our emotional reactions instead of fighting them and use them to strengthen us to become more empowered by them.

Therapy will help you:

  • Grieve the losses of what as and open up to the challenges ahead;
  • Reduce feelings of isolation by providing interaction with other people in similar situations;
  • Build confidence and self-worth in a new role;
  • Normalize feelings about transitions;
  • Create new directions in a safe environment.

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