Daniela Roher, PhD., Carefee, AZ

Individual and Couple Psychotherapy,
Counseling and Consulting

Psychotherapy is an inward journey of exploration leading to increased introspective awareness, improved affect regulation and better life choices.

Let's go on this journey together!

If you suffer from:

  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Mood Disorder;
  • Personality Disorder;
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder;
  • Challenges with life events and changes;
  • Relational Problems;
  • Ill health or any other major stressor;
  • Conflicts and Life Transitions.

Or, if you:

  • Feel your life is not as fulfilling as you would like it to be.

Counseling can help you.

I will be happy to help you achieve your goals of increased well-being, inner freedom, emotional growth, fulfilling relationships and healthy balance in your life.

MY CLINICAL MODEL: I use a psychodynamic approach informed by attachment theory. This model goes below the surface of symptoms and pays attention to deeper areas of our inner lives where less conscious emotions reside. These unconscious areas create and maintain dysfunctional and painful symptoms and affect our ways of assessing reality, our feelings and our actions and decisions. This process allows for increased mastery of one's emotions, leading to healthy affect regulation.

I integrate this mental health model with the latest neuroscientific discoveries on the development and workings of the human brain, as the two are closely related and work complementarily with one another.

For over thirty years I have been a psychotherapist, helping people like you deal with their emotional problems by going below the surface of symptoms and identifying, understanding and changing the deep root causes of problems in your life.

You will:

  • Better understand how you got to where you are right now and what are the forces that prevent you from moving forward;
  • Stop dysfunctional patterns that maintain pain and prevent growth;
  • Learn new ways of cultivating health and healing in your life.

Please read my website to learn more about my work and me. I hope you will find the information useful. Feel free to contact me by phone - (480) 595-6500 - or e-mail - drroher@gmail.com - if you are interested in learning more about the services I provide, or if you have any specific question about any of them.

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